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Contract Work

I'm available for short-term contract work as an ASP.NET developer doing front-end (UI) development. My usual rate is ~$70 an hour (cheap, eh?) depending on the type of work, technology used, and hours involved.

I enjoy a challenge and especially ASP.NET troubleshooting. If you need help getting a project off the ground, using the Telerik ASP.NET AJAX components, or overcoming a specific hurdle, please contact me.

I also specialize in customizations of Rainworx AuctionWorx Enterprise, a great e-commerce platform for auctions, classifieds and sales of any type.

Unless you're in Ontario's Near North (Sundridge to Sudbury) this will be 100% offsite work.

Please read my resume for details of my work experience.

Too Much Information!

In the unlikely event that you want more information about me, check out these pages:

Resume of Ken Cox
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